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Ishaan Plastics Private Limited

Packaging is an important part for success of several companies and getting right quality packing material companies look for reliable units. We, Ishaan Plastics Private Limited, are one such reliable company, on which customers can trust for availing Plastic Pet Bottle and Plastic Pet Ghee Jar Container of several colors, sizes, shapes and designs. These are made by us employing cutting edge technology from virgin grade plastic. Each packaging product that we serve is free from defects and praised for splendid finishing, attractive looks and air-tight nature.

We pay attention towards delivering the finest quality and conducting researches as we want to serve the best to customers.

Market Reputation

Inspiration for newbies and a tough counterpart from numerous companies

We Have

We seek for perfection in every task we take. And our adroit team gives us
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While manufacturing offered plastic packaging products, we ensure to not throw waste in open. Rather, we take a number of measures for properly utilizing raw material and serving products to customers.

Team We Have

We seek for perfection in every task we take. And our adroit team gives us such results that are perfect in every manner. The team we have of over 500 individuals is strong, proficient and dexterous, it enhances our confidence and ability to accomplish even the most challenging business responsibilities with ease. Our team members are self-motivated, rich in knowledge and skilled in their specialized fields. Further, the experts we have are keen learner, they remain curious to know about the trends and technological developments in manufacturing field of Plastic Pet Bottle and Plastic Pet Ghee Jar Container. This is taking us ahead of our counterparts in the business journey. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We hold complaints free record of satisfying customers.
  • We never take high prices for providing our range.
  • We fulfill even bulk or urgent demands of customers in minimal time period. 
  • We pay high focus towards satisfying every customers and delivering quality range to them.

Facilities We Have

Tasks done with the help of technology give better and faster results as compared to the one, when done by experts putting laborious efforts. Technology is a boon to mankind, and we make the best use of technology to enhance our abilities of serving customers our Plastic Pet Ghee Jar Container and Plastic Pet Bottle. We own sound machines, tools and equipment that aid in efficiently completing tasks of manufacturing, quality gauging, packing and many others. Our equipment are timely oiled and upgraded with latest developments of technology to have smooth working in the premises. 

Market Reputation

Inspiration for newbies and a tough counterpart from numerous companies of the business industry, we, Ishaan Plastics Private Limited, have earned strong reputation in the market. In the market, we are a famous name, products of our company have strong brand image. The made reputation also contributes in our success by making new customers to give us chance of serving them. We aim to retain our prominent position in the industry and take it to the new heights in coming future. 

Neck Size Weight Height Application Make

38 mm 8 gms 45.7mm Ghee & General Items Ferrometic
9 gms 45.8mm
53 mm 14 gms 56.62mm Ghee, Pickle, Food Product & Misc Items
17 gms 56.62mm
25 gms 83.76mm
28 gms 83.9mm
63 mm 17 gms 59.62mm Hosiery, Pen, Tea, Food Product Items
20 gms 61.6mm
28 gms 74.7mm
32 gms 70mm
36 gms 73.8mm
73 mm 28 gms 66.68mm Tea, Spices, Pickle Items
30 gms 66.5mm
34 gms 64.4mm
83 mm 30 gms 79.38mm Confectionery,Pen, Ghee , Pickle Items
33 gms 79.14mm
44 gms 99.6mm
47 gms 99.68mm
50 gms 98.04mm
120 mm 74 gms 110.6mm Tea, Ghee, Confectionery Items
95 gms 123mm
100 gms 123.8mm
116 gms 123.7mm
130 gms 127mm
225 gms 184.9mm
300 gms 205.7mm
25 mm (ROPP) 14.5 gms 95.08 mm Liquor & Fridge Bottle ASB
28 mm (ROPP) 20 gms 107.2mm Liquor & Fridge Bottle Ferrometic
30 gms 107.2mm Liquor & Fridge Bottle ASB
29 mm (Long Neck) 40 gms 107.2mm
20 LTR 640 gms 410mm Water (Push/Thread/Natural/Colour) Ferrometic
670 gms
700 gms
28 mm (3 Start Alaska) 9.2 gms 67.74mm Water Ferrometic
13.2 gms 82.1mm
18.2 gms 107.12mm
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