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Plastic Water Jar
Plastic water jar is used to store and transport the water in a fixed quantity. The jar is highly sturdy and resistant to mild breakage and leakage. 

Plastic Confectionery Products
Plastic confectionary products are made with the use of high-quality plastic that is significantly robust in nature. These products are highly durable and demandable in the market.

Plastic Pickle Jar
The plastic pickle jar is used for keeping the pickles. The pickles are acidic in nature still the plastic material is safe for its storage for many months.

Plastic Supari Jar
Plastic supari jar is made with the plastic material that is highly durable and resistant to breakage. The jar is of good strength and used for storing and packaging the supari. 

Bottle Cap
Bottle caps are very essential items as it ensures the safety and durability of the bottles. They are strong and properly fit with the size of the bottles, ensuring safe closing.

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